South Cleveland Heart Fund provides life-saving support for golfers

Local heart charity South Cleveland Heart Fund has donated life-saving equipment help keep golfers safe at Middlesbrough Golf Club.

The charity has provided a new defibrillator and outdoor storage cabinet for installation on the course, helping to provide a rapid response in the event of cardiac arrest.

The second device has been installed on the toilet block adjacent to the 11th Tee. A defibrillator is also available in the reception area of the Clubhouse.

Dr Adrian Davies, chairman of the SCHF, said: “There’s quite a high mortality rate on golf courses because they’re not really close to any urgent help. Like at most golf clubs, a defibrillator is located in the clubhouse, but speed of response is critical, so we’re putting an additional one further out on the extremity of the course so that if anybody has a cardiac arrest it can be retrieved quickly.

Once the heart has stopped circulating blood you only have about five-minutes for the brain to survive. What you hope is somebody is able to do cardiac massage in those first minutes while a defibrillator is being retrieved. With proper life-saving support, you can keep the brain going for at least 20 minutes, which may be long enough for not only the defibrillator to get there but also for an ambulance to arrive.”

Statistics show that to make resuscitation effective, 15-20% of the population need to be trained in basic life-saving support. 

Training on the use of the equipment and basic life-saving techniques has been provided to staff at the club, with a follow-up session to be arranged when restrictions allow to train as many members as possible. 

Sheelagh Whittaker, Welfare Officer at Middlesbrough Golf Club said: “Many years ago we had an incident on the course and we put a defibrillator in the clubhouse, and it has been used. Because the area of the golf course is quite vast, we do need a second defibrillator on the course so that people can be helped as quickly as possible. We’re very grateful that the South Cleveland Heart Fund has donated this equipment to help keep golfers safe.”

“What has been very reassuring over the years is that members themselves were very keen to come forward and have some cardiac training. It gives them some reassurance that even at home they can perform CPR, but also on the course if somebody falls ill.”

The charity was founded over 25 years ago by Dr Davies, who oversaw the creation of the pioneering department at the hospital. In that time, over £3m has been raised by generous donors, keeping the world-class department at James Cook University Hospital at the leading edge of patient care.

Dr Davies said: “The club and members have been very helpful over the years to the charity, including hosting our charity golf day here this year on 11th June. The event will be the first fundraising activity for us for over a year. Like most charities, fundraising has dried up as the events and fundraisers that people so generously support have not been possible.

“All are welcome to join us, we’re looking forward to a fabulous day.”

Teams can register for the day online at https://schf.middlesbroughgolfclub.com


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