Protocol for play during Coronavirus restrictions

Issue date: 7th June 2021 

By order of the Managing Committee the following protocol will have effect from the issue date above until further notice:


  •  From the 7th June the course will be open for players playing a single round of golf pre booked on the BRS system either online or through the Pro shop. 

  • Tee times are spaced at the intervals shown in BRS and booking is for a maximum of 4 players. 

  • Play is also limited to players who are not in self isolation and who show no current Covid-19 symptoms. 

  • Until the requirements for Test and Trace are relaxed No walk-on play is permitted and players who have not pre-booked will not be allowed to play until a proper booking has been made. Players failing to do this will be told to leave the club premises. Failing to be on BRS and teeing off may result in sanctions for any members in the group.

  • DISTANCING REGULATIONS ARE PARAMOUNT. Everyone on the course will be expected to distance themselves at least 2m/6ft; this means at all times, from arrival in the car park until departure following play. 


  •  The opening of the golf club including Locker rooms is subject to separate arrangements. Please see general notices for information.

  • Golf Shop – is open for golf course administration professional lessons and retail in accordance with Professional’s social distancing requirements. Note: facemasks are mandatory. 

  • Practice areas are open subject to Social distancing requirements. Sanitation stations are available at the pro shop and adjacent to the cleaning stations (compressors) 

  • The “iron” practice area adjacent to Brass Castle lane and the practice chipping green behind the 16th Green are open subject to Course staff notices on closure for ground conditions. Anyone wishing to use these areas must use their own balls which must be clearly marked. 

  • Trolleys will not be available for hire but members may use their own. Access to the trolley store is available for those with a key. 

  • Buggies will be available. It is now permissible for two people from different households to use a buggy.

  • There will not be any drinking water on the course – members and guests should bring their own water to the Club. 

  • If using the pressure cleaners please use the hand sanitising facility provided. 


  •  Members and Guests must adhere to Social distancing requirements. 

  • Staff will monitor arrivals but will not be checking players in, you must be on time or you will forfeit your booked tee time. 

  • Players should arrive ready to play golf. Locker rooms are open but shoes should be changed in the car park whenever possible to reduce congestion. 

  • When the preceding match is on the tee the two groups immediately following will have priority on the practice facilities adjacent to the Pro shop (putting green, chipping green and driving net) until they, in turn, advance to the tee. 

  • Scorecards will be provided outside the Golf Shop for anyone who wants them. Please do not exchange scorecards.

  • Organised group lessons (e.g. Get into Golf etc) must follow the national guidance for organised sport 

On-Course Items 

  • All rakes have been removed. Course furniture including ball washers, benches, bins and drinking fountains are not in use. Please do not touch. 

  • All other removable items have been removed, except for stakes defining areas of the course, which are to be treated as immovable obstructions. 

  • On course toilet facilities adjacent to the 11th tee will be available. They will be cleaned regularly and are equipped with wipes for members to wipe down surfaces they have touched following use. 

  • Members and Guests (if applicable) are encouraged to carry their own sanitisers. 



  • Players must not tee off until their allocated tee time. 

  • Players must always abide by the distancing requirements of at least 2m/6ft; while waiting to tee off, walking to the ball, searching for a ball and playing shots. 

  • Golfers should not touch stray balls. 

  • Flags are to stay in the hole AT ALL TIMES, please do not touch the flag poles other than with a putter or similar in accordance with local rules. 

  • Bells will not be covered as they are part of the safety system during play. Please strike the bell without touching it by using a club.

  • Bunkers: members may elect to take a preferred lie within 6 inches of the original spot and not nearer to the hole than that spot and the area cannot be smoothed before placing. Please make best efforts to smooth the sand using a club and/or feet once the shot has been taken. 

  • Please remember course staff working must be given priority at all times 

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